Annual Guest Lecturers
1971Prof. D F N HarrisonThe Present Place of Chemotherapy in Head and Neck Cancer
1972Prof. Ugo FischSurgery of the Internal Auditory Meatus
1973Prof. P M Stell100 Years of Laryngectomy
1974Prof. H EngstromThe Inner Ear Sensory Regions under Normal and Pathological Conditions – a study using light, transmission and electron microscopy.
1975Dr. R A ThompsonImmunology of the Upper Respiratory System
1976Prof. K MasonAviation Pathology
1977Dr. B T DavisForensic Pathology
1978Dr. G A S LloydRecent Trends in Radiology
1979Dr. E F EvansLabyrinthine Physiology
Stirk Adams Lecturers
1980Mr. R G HughesOrbital Intrusions
1981Mr. M CinnamondThe Use of the C02 Laser in Children
1982Mr. Bernard WilliamsThe Neurosurgery of Otorhinological Sepsis (70 members and guests)
1983Mr. A G KerrVertigo: its Pathology and Management
1984Mr. A G D MaranSome New Thoughts on Nasal Fractures
1985Dr. R R A ColesClinical Measurement of Tinnitus
1986Mr. J S P WilsonMajor Resections of Head and Neck Tumours and Reconstruction of the Defects
1987Prof. H StammbergerEndoscopic Diagnosis and Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
1988Dr. M HawkeUp the Bony Ear Canal
1989Mr. G D L SmythA Lifetime’s Experience in Otology
1990Prof. G B SnowThe Management of Lymph Nodes in Head and Neck Cancer
1991Prof. J J GroteBiomaterials in the Middle Ear
1992Prof. Sir D HarrisonA Lifetime of Management of Head and Neck Malignancy
1993Prof. J A RaeburnPractical Aspects of New Genetics for the breitling replica uk ENT Surgeon
1994Prof. P van CauwenbergeMedical and Surgical Aspects of Sinusitis in fake hublot watches Children
1995Mr. J EvansA Lifetime of Paediatric Otolaryngology
1996Mr. T R BullThe ENT Surgeon and swiss hublot Facial Surgery
1997Prof. G G BrowningControversies in Otology
1998Dr. Peter PhelpsVersalius to MRI and Cochlear Implantation – Progress in rolex replica watches Otolaryngology over Five Centuries
1999Prof. William WeiNasopharyngeal Carcinoma and its Treatment
2000Prof. MuellerGenetics of Sesorineural Hearing Loss
2001Prof. Chris HamNHS Performance and Developments
2002Prof. Tony WrightENT Surgery and the Law
2003Prof. A D CheesmanSurgical Management of Facial Palsy
2004Mr. Johh M GrahamImaging of the Temporal Bone for Cochlear Implantation
2005Mr. David HowardAspects of Head and Neck Surgery with Particular use of the Laser
2006Professor M RemacleLaser surgery in the head and neck
2007Mr. David MoffatComplications of Middle Ear Surgery
2007 (60th)Prof. Gregory WeinsteinRobotic Surgery in the Head and Neck
2008Mr. Mark WatsonReflux disease in ENT: do you find it difficult to swallow?
2009Mr David W. ProopsTraining tomorrow’s ENT surgeon
2010Professor John RutkaOtological Curiosities
2011Mr. Michael RotheraPaediatric Airway Challenges
2012Professor Richard RamsdenNeural Plasticity, Cochlear Implantation (and a little bit of ethics)
2013Professor Nicholas JonesThe most important things that I have learnt during a career in ENT
2014Mr Alan P. JohnsonGreen Surgery
2015Professor Valerie LundSinonasal malignancy – past, present and future
2016Mr. Peter RobbTonsillectomy – contemporary practice, consent and litigation
2017Prof. Gerry O’DonoghueEmbracing the challenges of tomorrow’s Otology
2018Mr. Anthony LanderThe Ontogeny of pharyngeal asymmetry
2019Mr. Brian BinghamStandards in Otolaryngology and how it relates to the NHS
2020Mr. Andrew SwiftThe History and Developments in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
2021Mr. Ray ClarkeYour tale, Sir, would cure deafness.
Second Yearly Lecturers
1973Dr. R MearaDermatological Problems Related to Otorhinolaryngology
1974Mr. D F CortAspects of Plastic Surgery
1975Miss. R McCallThe Rehabilitation of the Defined Adult
1976Dr. H A BeagleyElectrocochleography and Evoked Response Audiometry
1977Mr. G A DaltonHypophyseal Surgery
1978Mr. T J ParkerSpace Flights
1979Mr. F FarrWhen the Railway came to Birmingham
1980Dr. Roger LeeA Matter of Life and Death
1981Mr. Henry SandonRoyal Worcester Porcelain
1982Mr. E M PittawayExperiences of a Town Vet
1983Mr. K HayesMoney
1984Dr. E R WilliamsMedicine and the Bible
1985Dr. P A ThornBirmingham to Wolverhampton by Canal – an Historical and Pictorial Survey
1986Dr. J Fletcher & Mr K HodgkinsThe Making of the Black Country
1988Mr. E BaylissLegal Aspects of Medicine
1989A L PahorEgyptology
1990Dr. E R WilliamsAquatic Man
1947 – 1977W. Stirk Adams 
1978 – 1980N. L. Crabtree 
1981 – 1983J. F. Neil 
1984 – 1986R. G. Hughes 
1987 – 1988J. McKenzie 
1989 – 1991J. N. M. Schofield 
1991 – 1993G. J. Rice 
1993 – 1995D. J. Brain 
1995 – 1997A. R. Das Gupta 
1997 – 1999P. J. E. Johnson 
1999 – 2001K. P. Gibbin 
2001 – 2003M. Hardingham 
2003 – 2005I. Donaldson 
2005 – 2007P. J. Bradley 
2007 – 2009A. P. Johnson 
2009 – 2011Mr. Richard Shortidge 
2011 – 2013Mr. Andrew Moir 
2013 – 2015Mr. Andrew Reid 
2015 – 2017Mr. Edward fisher 
2017 – 2019Mr. Paul Glossop 
2019 – 2021Mr Adrian Thompson 
2021 – Ms Ann-Louise McDermott