Research and MD Grants

Research grants are awarded by the MIO to the body of knowledge in otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery. Grants are also available to support the costs of a post graduate higher degree.

No limit. The amount awarded by the MIO will be determined by the requirements of the research proposed and at the discretion of the MIO adjudicators.

Proposals from full and associate members of the MIO will be accepted.

An outline proposal of no more than 3 single-sided A4 pages (font no less than size 11 Times New Roman) describing:

  • objectives of the research
  • background
  • methodology
  • place of carrying out of research
  • detailed breakdown of costs
  • amount requested from MIO and how it will be spent
  • time frame of research – should be a limited time eg 1-2 years for a research grant
  • likely outputs from research proposal eg peer reviewed publications, presentations etc
  • list of co-investigators and supervisors
  • Evidence of acceptance for a post graduate degree if requesting support for that

A CV of the applicant should be enclosed with the proposal.

Submission Deadline
30th September Annually

Decision Notification date
usually 2-3 months after deadline

To be sent to MIO administrator with covering letter addressed to Hon Secretary of the MIO. Submissions by email are preferred to the following address:


Shenoi Prize

This prize is awarded annually to the best essay submission.

Prize and medal

Any undergraduate medical student or F1 and F2 trainee from the Midlands

Essay written on the subject of:

"Can the whole of ENT survive as a specialty in a cash-strapped NHS?"

Essays should be no longer than 3000 words.

A copy of the CV of the author should be enclosed with the submission.

Submission Deadline
January 30th of each year.

To MIO administrator with covering letter addressed to Secretary of MIO.

Decision Notification date
Two months usually

Submissions by email are preferred to the following address:


Summer/Winter Juniors' Presentation and Poster Prizes

Prizes for the best presentation and the best poster by an associate member (SPR, ST, F1 or F2) presented at the annual Summer meeting.

Best presentation: up to £500, best poster up to £250 towards conference or course fees (may vary at the Council's discretion.)

An abstract of no more than 250 words including the following headlines: Background, methods, results, conclusion.

  • The word limit does not include the title or the names and affiliations of the authors or the references.
  • No more than 2 references are allowed.
  • Two copies of the abstract should be sent, one of which should be totally anonymous with no mention of authors or affiliated centres.

SPR, ST, F1 or F2 trainees from the Midlands regions.

Submission Deadline (annually):
16th October
1st February

Decision Notification date
Usually 2-4 weeks later

To MIO administrator with covering letter to Hon Secretary of the MIO by email to the following address:


MIO Course Awards for Trainees

The MIO will help to fund a number of annual awards to enable associate members to attend courses relevant to their ENT training.

The MIO expects that committed trainees will wish to attend the course regardless of the outcome of this course award application, but this award gives the MIO the opportunity to recognise and support exceptional trainees.
The number of and value of the MIO course awards are not fixed and awards will be made at council’s discretion.

Eligibility Criteria
Associate members of the MIO ie. Trainees from the East and West Midlands regions.

Application Process
Applicants should submit their curriculum vitae and covering letter.
The letter should include:

  • The course applied for,
  • The dates of the course,
  • The cost of the course,
  • How much money you wish to apply for and , if applicable, any monetary contribution towards this course from other sources e.g. grants, other prizes, fellowship awards etc.
  • Confirmation of the progress of your course application,
  • Your reasons for choosing this course and how it will enhance your training.

Applications will be discussed at MIO council meeting. You will be notified of the outcome of your application by the MIO secretary.


  • All or part of the course fee may be offered.
  • Accommodation and travel are not funded.
  • Your award will be paid, and a certificate issued, on presentation of a receipt, certificate of attendance and a reflective report on the course.
  • The MIO do not expect you to claim the course fee from your study leave budget if you have been awarded it as a prize. If MIO fund part of your course then you can claim the remainder, but this should be clear and transparent on your claim forms.

Deadline for Submission
30th September annually

Decision Date
Following September MIO council meeting

To MIO administrator with covering letter to Hon Secretary of the MIO by email to the following address: